Ray & Ruby in development

Concept - Sabine De Vos, Sabine Martens

In development.

Animated series for children between 3 and 7 years old.
Format: 26 x 11”

Ray & Ruby are twin mice – but they are a far cry from your ordinary cheese-eaters. They’re mice, who live in regal – but mouse-sized - quarters in the walls of a beautiful old castle, with their parents.

Ray & Ruby are typical kids: they have fun, discover and invent things, learn about the world around them, and sometimes get into trouble. They often hang out with their rat friend Momo, while trying to avoid their snobbish cousin Audrey and her sourpuss mother Auntie. An idyllic life, you might think. Maybe, if it wasn’t for the grumpy old Count who owns the castle. He can’t stand mice, and he’ll do anything to get rid of them. Luckily Ray and Ruby are clever little creatures, and usually escape by the skin of their tails…